Wild Honey
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Wild Honey

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This one is hard to explain the scent of, it smells like wild flower honey tastes. There is a very earthy smell with a sweetness to it. It's amazing and gets burned in our house all the time! Top 5

Candle: Each 8oz candle has a wonderful wooden wick that gives that crackling flame that we all love.  The candles are also 100% soy wax with no additives. All scents and dyes are as natural as I can possibly get them. I have also been told that a lot of my customers leave the tin open before lighting and it will start to emit it’s scent without lighting it! Then after a day or so they will light it. As with all candles, please make sure that you do not leave candles unattended as you will burn down your house, and no one wants that.

Woody: These are little discs of awesome! They are young trees that have been sliced down for our enjoyment. These beauties can go anywhere and is not limited to: cars, ambulances, fire engines, nurses stations, drawers, purses, you name it. Simply open the bag, but leave it on and slowly pull the bag off as the scent dissipates (this usually takes a month before the bag is completely off).

Room Spray: This stuff is better than Febreze and other room sprays. Nothing is worse than spraying those expensive sprays and then within five minutes the scent is totally gone. With my room sprays they have the ability to last for days and days!

Sh!t-Trus: This baby is meant to go with you to the bathroom and sprayed before or after you poop. However, that is not it’s only use. I have nurses who tell me that they use it to spray the triage rooms after a particularly stinky patient has left. It’s a pint sized can of awesome that can go in your purse, pocket, or bookbag to chase the stink away!

Wax Melt: These cubes of awesome are made for electric warmers but can be used in the tea light warmers as well. Each 1” cube will last approx. 12hrs depending on how often you turn the warmers on. Simply pop a cube into your warmer and let it go.

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