I've had a lot of people ask questions about our products so I am going to answer a few of them here.

1) What are your candles and wax melts made of?

-They are made out of 100% soy wax with zero additives. The scent is used from natural fragrances that is bought from our supplier. The wooden wick is also "natural" in that it is a single strip of wood with no additives used to create or treat it

2) What are wax melts and how can they be used?

- Wax melts are similar to those from Scentsy, Wal-Mart, and other stores. You simply "break" the mold and add one or two cubes to your electric warmer. I break the melt by placing one hand on each end and adding pressure. Like you would break apart a Hershey candy bar. This allows for the wax to seperate and then you can press the bottom of the cube and it will pop out a cube. You can also open the package and it will emit the scent. Once you can't smell it anymore then put in warmer

3) What in the world are Woody's?

- I always laugh when I get asked this because it's fun and a little naughty.  Woody's are simply slices of a young tree usually cinnamon wood. We then create the woody. You can literally put these babies anywhere they are so versatile. I have one that is in my car (Mocha Mint), one in the ambulance (Caramel Apple), one in the boys bathroom (EW! and Apple Orchard), one that hangs in the cat box (birthday cake), Closet (gain island), and so many other places. 

4) Why do your business cards smell so amazing?

- Well let me tell you, I am not technologically inclined. Usually the boys have to fix me screw ups with the tv, computer, etc. That being said when I was trying to make the labels for the wax melts I managed to gum up my printer with said labels. It was a nightmare and I said screw it. Got the business cards and the rest is history. The great thing about the business cards is that you remember what you ordered, what it smelled like, and where you bought it! How nifty!

5) When are you creating a support group?

- Well that would be counter productive of me selling amazing products

6) Can you use your wax melts in Tea light warmers? Can you use your candles on the candle plates?

-The answer to both is I don't know. The truth is those products were meant for an electric warmer (wax melt) and to be lit (candles). So to say that they can is an unsure bet. I'm pretty sure they could be but I just don't know. If you do please be safe and don't leave it unattended until you have figured it out.

7) Why don't you have many sales?

- Well that answer is easy. I price my products as low as I possibly can. I don't believe in price gouging. While I will sometimes put out special codes for y'all I can't do it all the time. My prices are pretty much rock bottom to start with.

8) What's with the free samples? Can I pick my own?

-The free samples are for you to see if you like any of our other scents without breaking the bank to try everything. I don't have samples for every scent, nor do I keep track of what I send you. I simply look at your order and try to match up what I think you would like based on that. Because I do not have every scent I cannot allow people to pick their own sample. You can request something and I will try to accommodate but sometimes it's just not possible.

If you have anymore questions feel free to email me at leigh@twinmonkeycandles.com and I will be more than happy to answer your questions!