So we all know the various meaning behind the term woody's. I'm pretty sure we don't need to get into the long list here.

These little circles of awesome started with the CEEO (Chief of Everything Else) snagging a sample bottle of Black Ice and slipping it past me at check out. Yup, that's my hubbins. When we got home I asked him, not so nicely what the F**** am I supposed to do with this? His answer was to make wax melts for his car. It gets hot in GA, even in the winter a closed car can get up to 85+ degrees. He has a point.... dang it. But those wax melts have the realistic possibility of spilling and staining. Ask me how I know!

So after a few hours of puttering, me with candles and him on the website, he pops up with car trees. People? This man is a freaking genius! I never doubted his ability to use that brain but sometimes I do wonder. We take a trip to the local craft store to try and round up the supplies needed to make these trees but Twin Monkey style....it failed. Miserably! Then I got the brilliant idea to use wood. You see, I love the look, feel, texture of wood. It probably has to do with my uncle being a fence/ deck builder and passing that knowledge to my brother. Regardless wood is amazing. So I'm off researching possible ways and BOOM! I found these little circles. It's like the heavens opened up!

Y'all I'm not even going to lie to you, these things may not make it to the site because my husband is going to snag them! I'm probably going to have to hide them until he has had his fix.

Here are some possible uses beyond that of a car: stinky ambulances (again, ask me how I know!), stinky office spaces, can't use candles/ warmers because of risk of fire, candles/ warmers are too big for the small space you have, closets, drawers, gym bags, nurses station, fire trucks, cop cars, or just about anywhere that can't take a candle/warmer but you want it to smell better.

We are still testing these babies so please be patient with us! Yes, they are up on the website but that doesn't mean you can buy them yet.

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