Hi! My name is Leigh and I am the owner/ operator of Twin Monkey's Candle. I have been making candles since I was about 13 and have been doing it on and off since then. I love candles, always have. There's just something cozy about lighting one and then being enveloped in scent. The downside of it was that I have kids and dogs. Not just one kid but two boys (not twins). Not just one small dog, but five large (my smallest dog is 75lbs) dogs...and they are all boys. Did I mention the cats? Yup, two cats and guess what? They are also boys. Yes, I am the only female in my house, most of it by choice. So candles weren't and still aren't the smartest item in my home. There for a hot minute I was a consultant for a wax company but I just couldn't get behind the fact that I was selling other people's product. So I took a break, I focused on my boys (including the man child I'm married to). I went to paramedic school and started working in EMS. Shortly after my husband retired from the Army after two tours we moved home to Georgia.

Since being home I have not had a creative outlet until I decided to start making my candles again. But not just any candles, specifically wax melts. These are amazing little cubes of awesome! There's very little danger to these contraptions. Don't get me wrong, there is ALWAYS a chance fire, explosion, the world ending, you get the picture but it is reduced. There is no flame so there's a much lower risk of burning the house down. There is no soot or smoke, so there is less danger to those with sensitive lungs. In short these are awesome sauce!! So check out the shop, it's always changing. That being said, please bear with us as we are going through getting everything set up.


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