Our Candles

Look at that picture, the pretty yellow candle is so pretty right? That purple candle? That baby has been running for approx 20 days. Yes, you read that right. On and off but since it was made it has been lit. How many hours is that? Well since the hubbins let it run for 24 solid hours....oops. And I have let it run for about 10 days 8hrs. This candle has already surpassed it's 40hr quote that I give yall.

See how the wax has left very little residue on the sides? It would be nothing but again the hubbins got it in his head that he was going to "fix" something that should have been left alone and angled the candle (this was during his accidental 24hr burn) so as the wax melted it moved the tab that holds the wick. Thanks hubbins! But the point still remains that this candle has been burning for almost double what I quoted yall and it's still going! I'll probably replace it soon but the fact that the wick, wax, and scent lasted this long is impressive to this candle maker!

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