It looks so pretty!

I've just rearranged my stock to make room for more product that's being made in preparation for the holiday season! It's very exciting! Sometimes I feel like a mad scientist while working on new products. Trying to see how much scent for each type of product and then taking it further to how much of that scent into that product. You see some scents are so strong you don't even need to burn the candle or warm up the wax, all you need is to open the package and it's there. The sprays that I am making and that are up on the site are much the same. It took days to figure out what scents to use and how much to use, to make sure that they weren't so over powering that you would go into a coughing or sneezing fit. The Sh!t-trus is by far my favorite though.


As you could probably tell with the Woody's, my sense of humor is...whack as my old partner would say. "Doc, his 12-lead was whack..." God I love that woman! Anyways the Sh!t-trus is the same. It's for BEFORE you take a crap in the work crapper and it stinks. OMG it's so bad! This stuff though? It allows the rest of us to go about our business without passing out from yours. The bottle it comes in is virtually leak proof. I can't say 100% because someone will feel the need to test it with stupidity and then say it's a bad product. So enjoy the tiny bottle of sunshine and leave a review!

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